Click the download button below to access our handy five step guide and find out how we can help take the stress away from connecting to the Pensions Dashboard Programme’s (PDP) ecosystem.

The eBook covers off:

  • What our role as an Integrated Service Provider (ISP) is
  • The options for connecting your member data to the Pension Dashboard Programme’s (PDP) Central Digital Architecture (CDA)
  • How our experts can help you define your matching criteria (using PASA’s official guidelines)
  • The importance of thinking longer term as well as baking in scale and flexibility
  • Our approach to training and testing to make sure everything is working correctly ahead of your solution going live

If you’re still confused about what options are right for you or how our solution, Dashboards Connect, works, you can get in touch with our team of experts to book in a demo and find out how we can get you dashboards-ready.


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