One of the key success factors to any new software implementation is how well users navigate and operate the system. Bravura’s team of training consultants have extensive experience in designing, developing and delivering training solutions for small to large global enterprises – ranging from simple to complex programmes.

The Bravura Academy provides sustainable and robust training and accreditation solutions for all Sonata users. Our range of training courses include off-the-shelf fundamentals, knowledge building courses, and client-specific team and role-based training courses. All training programs are accessed through the Bravura Academy Learning Management System, enabling accreditation and provides an audit of Sonata knowledge, skills and competency within your business.

Training Models

A choice of three standard options is available to businesses:

  • (Model 1) Project Implementation and BAU Teams – Standard off-the-shelf face-to-face courses across our Fundamentals and Building Knowledge range.
  • (Model 2) Operational Teams (Sonata only) – We can provide Sonata-only team and role-based face-to-face training courses.
  • (Model 3) Operational Teams (Full Training Programme) – We understand that the implementation of Sonata could be just one element of change to your business. We work collaboratively with you to design, develop and deliver a full training programme – by team and role – encompassing all elements of change.

Imparting Sonata knowledge to enable success  

Benefiting your business

Right first-time rates
Right first-time rates

Perform processes right first time via relevant and specific training with clear measurables to evidence the knowledge and skills.

Mitigate need for remedial training
Mitigate need for remedial training

Utilising our framework, approach and methodology ensures a successful training programme, removing the need for any remedial training.

Full Sonata accreditation
Full Sonata accreditation

Becoming Sonata-accredited qualifies users to operate Sonata accurately and successfully.

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