Innovating for the next generation of retirement solutions is made easy with a modern and scalable administration platform that’s designed to meet modern retirement needs.

With an increasingly ageing population, the retirement solutions market is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in global markets. The industry is faced with challenges and opportunities, including ever-changing regulatory requirements, how to support the diverse needs of customers transitioning into and through phases of retirement, and integration of the complementary partner services increasingly being offered to help customers. Growing demand for more innovative retirement solutions means providers need flexible and easily configurable technology to be able to offer a new and evolving range of retirement products to remain competitive.

Bravura Solutions’ Sonata wealth management solution has been developed with this landscape in mind, providing a flexible administration solution that supports a range of existing retirement and income stream products, including:

  • Account-based pensions
  • Term account-based pensions
  • TTRs (Transition to Retirement)
  • Guaranteed income products (including pension bucket strategies)
  • Income-generating assets
  • Smart drawdown and combined payments.

As a platform built for the future, Sonata is well-positioned to support your business in delivering the next generation of innovative retirement solutions. With extensive functionality that allows for existing product consolidation alongside new product development, Bravura’s market-leading Sonata offers the most comprehensive wealth management solution in the market.

Retirement Solutions


Sonata is a market-leading next-generation wealth management solution that streamlines the administration of wealth management products. Built on modern and open technology, Sonata delivers the flexibility and scalability your business needs to achieve a competitive edge, now and into the future.

Sonata Digital

Enhance your customer experience with Sonata Digital – a leading digital service offering that strengthens your digital strategy, now and into the future.


ePASS is a leading online portal for employers and superannuation members. With the ability to support the entire super contributions processing lifecycle, ePASS assists you to comprehensively meet the needs of your employers and members.


Babel is a group-wide financial messaging solution that connects message providers with any platform and back office system. Supporting all major message service providers, Babel delivers the next generation of end-to-end STP messaging for fund managers, wealth platforms and superannuation funds.

Benefiting your business

Rapid new product development
Rapid new product development

Bring new products to market faster with a highly configurable platform that easily integrates with your current business environments and scales as your business expands.

Streamline back-office processes
Streamline back-office processes

Automate back-office processes with a single technology platform that delivers straight-through processing via a world-class workflow engine that drives efficiencies and reduces business costs.

Flexibility to meet changing market needs
Flexibility to meet changing market needs

Sonata’s highly flexible platform enables your business to both innovate and react to new regulatory requirements and changing market demands.