Pensions Dashboards Week (3-7 October 2022) is a new initiative designed to raise awareness about Pensions Dashboards and how to connect to the ecosystem, as well as to encourage industry participants to prepare beyond the deadlines.

Pensions Dashboards Week featured live webinars daily, covering a range of Pensions Dashboards topics. A stellar line-up of industry personalities presented these sessions, including Steve Webb, Tom McPhail, Fiona Tait, Lesley Carline, Chris Curry and Heather Hopkins.




Platforms meet Pensions Dashboards

Platforms – what do Pensions Dashboards mean for product development and client journeys? Heather took a sneak peek at the early responses shared directly by industry participants to the Whitelabel Platform Report, touching on examples and concerns around Pensions Dashboards.

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Pensions Dashboards Headaches And How To Avoid Them

Connecting to Pensions Dashboards is a must, but what does this mean in practice for Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) and in-house administered Schemes? Data security, resources and implementation transpired to be the key themes in the research, and Lesley presented everything in detail.

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Pensions Dashboards: Re-animating pensions for UK savers

What might the future look like for the UK saver? This insightful session had a lustrious panel of guest speakers who discussed how Pensions Dashboards will help UK consumers in becoming more engaged with their retirement savings.

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Busted! The most common myths around Pensions Dashboards

An interactive, no-nonsense ‘myth-busting’ session, with some of the most knowledgeable industry experts, who addressed the common grey areas flagged by the pensions community.

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Big Data, Bigger Cleansing: The Pensions Dashboards Edition

Have you heard a story about twin brothers trying to trace their pensions? Same employer, same job title, same initials, same birthday. Only the National Insurance Number is… slightly different! Any fuzzy logic treats it as a typo and we all know what follows next. But how can we prevent this from happening?

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Pensions Dashboards Week won a Pensions Age Award as Best Marketing Campaign of the Year on 21 March 2023. Read more about it here.