Bravura Solutions Limited (ASX:BVS) (Bravura) today announced that its leading Babel messaging microservice handled a record level of investor transactions for the month of March, processing orders totaling over £1 trillion.

Nick Parsons, CEO at Bravura, said: “Babel is trusted by leading financial institutions such as BNY Mellon, Legal & General, Ascentric and T Bailey to process their order flow, no matter how much market volatility or client on-boarding increases trade volumes. Babel’s ability to deliver consistent service while flexing and scaling to meet increasing demand is a key benefit delivered to our clients.

“Making sure our clients’ customer orders are reliably processed regardless of volume is what makes Babel the leading messaging microservice. These latest figures demonstrate the scalability and resilience that enables our clients to deliver excellent service to their customers.”

Trusted by many leading financial institutions, Babel is the industry’s global microservice connecting investors, platforms and fund managers to automatically process fund dealing instructions.

In the month of March more than 1.3 million deals were processed through Bravura’s Babel microservice with a total value of over £1 trillion.


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