I joined Bravura in April 2020 when lockdown had just begun. I was enrolled remotely and soon started online introductions. I imagined that it would be difficult, as meeting people face-to-face is far easier, but surprisingly I adjusted to all these new changes in no time. In fact, meeting people in 3D many months later was stranger than I expected, although much nicer, obviously.

There were three main reasons why I decided to join Bravura:

  1. Solving business problems in the financial services sector.
  2. Working for a company with a good reputation.
  3. Working for a company that is well positioned for the future.

Solving business problems

I began my career working for fund managers, M&G and Jupiter, before moving into Transfer Agency, at companies that are now called BNY Mellon and SS&C. I quickly learnt how to administer a fund manager’s business. I then focused on how to make those functions more efficient and accurate. I have vivid memories of ridiculously busy tax year ends, where we worked through the nights – keying details from paper applications forms with cheques paper clipped to them! I also remember trying to work out how to suspend valuation points for the first time on a new system at the time of 9/11.

Overseeing technology projects became a constant part of my life and solved many of my own business problems, over the years, including cost reduction targets or expanding into new services.

I could not see myself working at a technology company as I had never worked in IT. Now that I work in the business development area at Bravura, it seems to make so much sense. I can really empathise with clients when listening to their problems and it always feels good to find a solution.

Good reputation

It was also the people who attracted me to work at Bravura. I have learnt that reputation is key in this industry because everybody seems to know each other. Building a good reputation starts at the top, however that can only be achieved and maintained if values and standards are upheld by all.

Trust is a huge thing for me. I was told a long time ago that “you can always recover from the truth”, which helped me build strong relationships throughout my career. Bravura has a fantastic reputation in the industry which made it a company that I wanted to be part of. I have previously worked at smaller companies, new fintech start-ups, where clients would ask: “How do we know if we can trust you?”; “Will you still be here in 5 years?”, or “Who backs you financially?”. Nobody has ever asked me such questions since I have started working at Bravura.

Thinking about the future

I do not regret my experiences with various fintech start-ups. They were all great experiences and as we all know, everything we do, shapes who we are. I wanted to create something that was valuable for the industry and right for the future. My focus is on digital, modern and innovative tech. This field enables me to always roll my sleeves up and turn my hand to anything.

At Bravura now I can be part of a bigger company that is thinking about the future, not only for its existing and new clients, but also for the industry in general. I really enjoy working with the Stanza team; developing our Machine Learning powered tool; discussing the merits and challenges of DLT, as well as learning how microservices can really transform the way we deliver future solutions. Investors’ expectations will continue to rise in terms of value for money, digitisation, access to investments and information. Technology will continue to change exponentially. Only a microservice infrastructure will be able to facilitate the speed of change that will be required, so I am very happy to be working for a company that is doing something tangible about this.

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