As straight-through processing (STP) becomes the new norm for financial messaging, businesses need the backing of the best technology available.

Bravura’s Babel solution is a group-wide financial messaging platform that connects to a range of financial product distributor platforms and the back-office functions of a variety of markets using a wider range of message media and formats.

Providing seamless communication and functionality, Babel supports all major industry infrastructure providers including Calastone, Clearstream, Euroclear, DTCC, BBH, SWIFT, SuperStream and more. It can also process any message transmission medium format and offers highly flexible integration with Bravura Solutions’ transfer agency and wealth platforms, in addition to a wide range of third-party transfer agency systems and order management solutions.

With cutting-edge features, functionality and support, Babel delivers the next generation of end-to-end STP messaging for your business.

Benefiting your business

High capacity and scalability
High capacity and scalability

Accommodates large volumes of business transactions and manages peaks of trading activity.

Risk reduction
Risk reduction

Eliminates manual processing removing the risk of operational errors in data.

Cost savings
Cost savings

Significant savings through efficiency with end-to-end without manual input. Babel’s informative throughput dashboard allows STP rates to be continually improved over time.


Full back office integration

Babel seamlessly connects message providers with platform and transfer agency systems, minimising back-office system changes and enabling administration and operations teams to process continually evolving message standards and support future industry initiatives.

Data transformation

Delivers business intelligence and reporting capabilities including automated workflow services and simple user interface to provide a cost-effective STP solution.

Full integration

Babel’s open architecture ensures it can run on any hardware platform and link to any external system. It supports all major infrastructure providers and transaction formats — SWIFT, FIX, CREST DEX, NSCC, CSV, XML, Flat File, MQ and more.

Better decision making

MI reporting capabilities offering improved insight and intelligence for faster and more informed decision-making.

Choice of delivery

Choose to implement as a software package onsite, or fully hosted by Bravura as a compliant, remote access service from Bravura’s data centre.

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