Meet your super-efficient virtual operations team member, Stanza – a machine-learning system that helps deliver outstanding service to your customers.

Great customer service is critical for any business. But too often it is undermined by inefficient manual processes and human error.

That’s where Stanza can help.

Powered by sophisticated machine-learning and using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Stanza quickly reads and understands the intent of unstructured customer communications – including texts, emails, scanned documents, voice messages and more.

It analyses messages quickly, then indexes them to the right team for actioning – or simply processes them automatically straight away.

Using artificial intelligence to learn and improve, Stanza is smart – and gets smarter every day.
Implement Stanza as a standalone solution or integrate it with your existing CRM – and enjoy the benefits of greater efficiency, lower costs and better service.

Benefiting your business

Rapid new product development
Streamline your processes

Avoid the inefficiencies inherent in manual processes – helping you reduce costs, prevent rework and meet peaks in demand.

Streamline back-office processes
Control your data

Store all your digital data in one place, simplifying your reporting and auditing processes.

Continuous compliance
Delight your customers

Provide fast and professional responses to enquiries – helping build stronger customer relationships.


Stanza uses artificial intelligence to continuously learn and improve in real time – tailoring and optimising its responses to suit your business.

Bravura Solutions cut administration costs icon

Cut administration costs

Stanza can help your business lower administration costs and allow staff time to focus on more meaningful tasks.

Bravura Solutions offer 24 hours support icon

Offer 24/7 support

Be there for your customers around the clock, with enquiries automatically processed before, during and after business hours.

Bravura Solutions scale up with ease icon

Scale up with ease

When volumes step up, so does Stanza – helping your business effortlessly and cost-effectively meet spikes in demand.

Bravura Solutions create seamless data audits icon

Create seamless data audits

Enjoy a clear view across all your customer communications, helping deliver valuable insights to your business.

Bravura Solutions Speed up response times icon

Speed up response times

From updating customer details and answering queries to dealing with complaints, Stanza helps you understand your customer’s issues quickly – and respond to them fast.

Bravura Solutions track every touchpoint icon

Track every touchpoint

Enjoy complete oversight of your customer communications, with tracking from first-contact to completion.

Bravura Solutions benefit from continuous learning icon

Benefit from continuous learning

Stanza uses artificial intelligence to continuously learn and improve in real time – tailoring and optimising its responses to suit your business.

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