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1. By requesting to participate in Midwinter’s 60-day free trial of its Dynamic Fact Find tool (the “Trial”) and proceeding with the Trial, you:
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2. Midwinter’s provision of, and your use of, the Dynamic Fact Find tool (“DFF Tool”) during the Trial will be subject to the Service Terms and Conditions under your existing AdviceOS Subscription Agreement with Midwinter (“Subscription Agreement”), as amended by these Trial Terms. To the extent of any inconsistency between these Trial Terms and your Subscription Agreement, these Trial Terms will prevail. Any capitalised terms used but not otherwise defined in these Trial Terms will have the same meaning as given to such terms in your Subscription Agreement.

3. The Trial will run for a period of 60 calendar days from the point at which you are provided with access to the DFF Tool (the “Trial Period”). Midwinter reserves the right to cease the Trial, or your access to the DFF Tool, prior to the expiry of the Trial Period at its sole discretion. You may opt out of the Trial at any time. 

4. The Trial will include:
a) complimentary licenses to access to the DFF Tool for up to three individual users. Such licences will be granted on the same terms as set out in your Subscription Agreement;
b) limited configuration (the scope of which will be determined by Midwinter at its discretion) of your practice branding and logos at no charge
c) production of unlimited client fact finds; and
d) integration with the AdviceOS Service.

5. In consideration for the above access to the DFF Tool during the Trial Period, you agree to provide structured feedback on the DFF Tool and your user experience between weeks 4 to 6 of the Trial. This feedback will be coordinated and facilitated by a Midwinter product manager.
Your access to the DFF Tool may be removed prior to the end of the Trial Period if you fail to provide feedback within the requested timeframes.

6. Your users with access to the DFF Tool will have the same access to Midwinter’s application support and business development teams for support queries relating to the DFF Tool as they currently have in relation to other AdviceOS Service modules within your practice’s subscription. However, you otherwise acknowledge that the DFF Tool is in beta and no service level standards or service rebates will apply in relation to the DFF Tool, or any support requests relating to the DFF Tool, during the Trial Period.

7. At the expiry of the Trial Period, your access to the DFF Tool will be automatically deactivated unless you notify Midwinter that you wish to subscribe to the DFF Tool. The pricing of any ongoing subscription to the DFF Tool will be based on Midwinter’s prevailing rates at the time.

8. All information disclosed or made available by Midwinter to you in connection with the DFF Tool during the Trial Period will be the Confidential Information of Midwinter and you will only deal with such information in accordance with the Confidentiality provisions of your Subscription Agreement.

9. All rights (including intellectual property rights), title and interest in and to the following belong to Midwinter:
a) the DFF Tool and any other software or products made available by Midwinter in connection with the Trial; and
b) any ideas or feedback provided by you as part of the Trial.