While pensions dashboards will impact every part of the pensions landscape, for the advice sector, dashboards could be truly transformational.

By enabling advisers to reduce the amount of time spent on low-value, non-client-facing-activity-related tasks such as locating lost pension pots – of which there are believed to be a whopping £26.6bn in the UK – pensions dashboards could help drive down the cost of advice, as well as fuel efficiencies by increasing productivity and freeing up time.

To help us understand the unique challenges adviser platforms face when connecting to the pensions dashboards ecosystem, we’ve teamed up with NextWealth to create a guide looking at how platforms plan to connect and the future benefits they expect to invest in once pensions dashboards are released.

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Based on a survey of 11 major platforms, the guide offers an unvarnished snapshot of the most common concerns, as well as the currently available solutions to help platform providers better understand the unique issues pensions dashboards present for their organisation.

The guide explores:

  • What adviser platforms’ top considerations are when selecting an ISP
  • Whether adviser platforms are planning to build their own commercial dashboard, how much it will cost, and the features they’d like to include
  • What the current actions and solutions are being taken to prepare for staging, including data cleanliness
  • The future benefits of pensions dashboards, both to individuals as well as financial advisers and how much value platforms expect them to drive to each group.

If you’d like to view the webinar where Heather Hopkins of NextWealth and Jonathan Hawkins of Bravura discuss the findings of the whitepaper, please follow this link.

If you’d like to talk to us about connecting to the Pensions Dashboards ecosystem, please contact us.

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