Andreas Francois Vermeulen – Head of Data

My career with Bravura started earlier this year (2022), when I joined as Global Head of Data, based out of the Edinburgh office. My background in data engineering and data science spans more than four decades, having previously been Sopra Steria’s Consultancy Director, as well as a range of other roles focused on next-gen technologies like analytics, automation, IoT and robotics throughout the business.

Becoming Bravura’s head of data

Before joining Bravura, I’ve been fortunate enough to work for a wide breadth of public and private organisations across finance, banking, insurance, government, transport, healthcare and logistics, in more than 130 countries. This includes being a Principal Data Scientist for Police Scotland; Head of Data Science for Business Data Partners, as well as working on the EU’s Horizon 2020 research project looking at future-generation healthcare systems.

I’m also dedicated to continuous learning. After completing my first IT qualification in 1981, I’ve since added a B.Sc. (Electronic Engineering and Computer Science), MBA (Forex Trading and International Logistics), M.Sc. (Business Intelligence), and PgCert (Data Science) to my list of qualifications. Believe it or not, I’m still studying and have also authored three internationally published books, as well as several international research papers.

Getting more talent into the industry is important to me. I actively train data engineers and data scientists at the M.Sc. level. I am also involved with the Advanced Apprentice Programme for Data Processing in the UK.

Helping clients create value from data

My responsibilities are the core data processes in Bravura globally that support data governance, data stewardship, data quality, data analysis, data engineering, AI, and data science. My primary custodianship involves creating and implementing Bravura’s data strategy and data roadmap to ensure  our clients are ready for the disruption and growth caused by next-generation data technologies.

As Head of Data, I oversee various data-related functions to ensure Bravura and its clients are getting the most from what could be our combined most valuable business asset. We make data available to those who need it: the right data, to the right people, at the right time.

As part of this, I lead the teams that are building up our internal capabilities for descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive and automation analytics, as well as data engineering, data monetisation and Data-as-a-Service delivery of data-driven business insights. This includes looking at next-generation hyper-scale data engineering and data science technologies, using multi-cloud solutions to support the overarching business objectives, as well as helping our clients modernise, consolidate and simplify complex estates within the world’s financial ecosystem.

My research and innovation responsibilities enable and empower Bravura to adopt modern data principles to evolve data analytics, data engineering and data science to keep the company as an industry leader.

This includes using web3-style distributed processing to evolve the domain of data engineering and data science. The current fourth industrial revolution is driving rapid change to technology, industries, and societal patterns and processes because of exponentially increasing interconnectivity and smart automation.

It is an exciting time in the domain of data as the hyper-personalised digital twin, ontology mapping and hyper-scaled processing will cause a disruption and evolutionary growth in our data processing ability. We are at the cusp of a fundamental change in the data industry and it’s exciting to help guide our clients through this complex but highly innovative landscape.

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