November has been an exciting and memorable month for the Bravura family. We have been highly involved in the kick-off and implementation of new philanthropic activities over the past few weeks.

Sharing Is Caring

Giving back is among our core values at Bravura. As a global business, we have always been committed to making a positive impact on the world around us. We strongly believe in the importance of sharing knowledge, skills and in offering financial aid to those in need, through persistent humanitarian work. Shaping people’s future and supporting their development are paramount to our culture.

In line with our giving-back philosophy, we have recently begun three charitable projects.

  • Introducing the EMEA Charity and Philanthropy Committee

Our first charity and philanthropy group was launched in the UK this week. It is now operational from both our London and Edinburgh offices. The purpose of this Committee is to find meaningful and enduring opportunities in the UK and EMEA charity sector. Our priority is to turn these philanthropic opportunities into concrete realities, with clear formats and structures, which the Committee will put in place.

We are keen to continue our humanitarian involvement in the long term, with the objective of helping others and allowing valuable missions to achieve tangible results. Our London-based Business Development Director, Christine Kiener, heads the Committee.

The first step taken by the group has been to initially establish itself and its members in London, with the intention of supporting local communities, in all areas where our offices are located across the EMEA region. These efforts are currently starting from London and will certainly expand in other geographical areas over time, so stay tuned to learn more soon.

  • The Broadgate Community Fund

We are thrilled to announce the first initiative carried out by the Charity and Philanthropy Committee as Bravura Solutions has joined and contributed financially to the Broadgate Community Fund.

Broadgate is a 32-acre area in central London, which hosts a vibrant community, where diversity, finance and innovation harmoniously meet. The fund is a collaboration between different businesses located in Broadgate, such as our Bravura office. The aim of the fund is to secure grants towards the sustainability of essential community organisations in the neighbourhood.

In addition to that, this project focuses on three key themes: homelessness; youth and elderly support; skills development. Donations will be made from the fund to sponsor activities that can be completed within 12 months.

  • The SA and UK Women’s Mentoring Pilot Programme

Another proud moment for Bravura, was marked on November 4th, when Christine Kiener announced her sponsorship of The Women’s Mentorship Programme, now available for our UK and South African female colleagues. The project was launched in London and gives selected candidates the chance to receive leadership training and professional guidance from outstanding mentors.

The key intent of this programme is to provide Bravura women with empowering and practical skills, to develop their self-confidence and management capabilities further and enable them to pursue any career goals.

Supporting Lotus Petal Foundation

Finally, this month we were also able to raise money for a wonderful Indian charity, called Lotus Petal Foundation, thanks to our recent participation at the Fund Forum International event in Monaco. This donation will enable children in urban India to have access to good healthcare facilities, education, and healthy nutrition.

The Importance of Being a Collaborative and United Team

We do always encourage our international teams to actively take part in altruistic activities and to use their Bravura Volunteer Days in support of our charitable projects. Bravura not only is an ambitious organisation with futuristic views and solid expertise in the FinTech universe, but is especially a community of innovative thinkers, where values, such as empathy and generosity, are constantly advocated. Effectively working together towards a common goal is our strength.

Any information related to the Charity and Philanthropy Committee’s upcoming projects, will be circulated via our monthly newsletter, in due time.

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Justine Pattullo

Marketing Manager, EMEA

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