FinoComp the wealth management microservices business, now owned by Bravura Solutions, today announces the launch of a ground-breaking, innovative investment performance reporting software – Insight.  This new configurable microservice provides access to state-of-the-art reporting analytics enabling the tracking and accurate analysis of performance data across investment portfolios both at an individual investor level and across multiple accounts. Insight offers a choice of reporting methods using Time Weighted and Money Weighted returns calculations, as well as multi-currency reporting and attribution analysis down to individual asset level.

Time weighted v money weighted

Whist Time Weighted return is a more frequently used method for investor reporting, being independent of cash flows can mean the results vary significantly from its Money Weighted counterpart. Insight offers Advisers and Wealth Managers the ability to switch between the two, providing Money Weighted where the client wants to see the impact of cash flow and timing, as well as Time Weighted for reporting independent of cash flows.  Breaking down the weighted returns for nominated periods, this microservice also provides annualised and cumulative returns in line with Global Investment Performance reporting standards (GIPs).

For Time Weighted analysis the tool not only reports on what the account has returned, but also the contribution towards the return from each individual asset throughout the period. This performance figure can be further broken down to show the percentage of growth again at individual asset level from Income, Capital Growth as well as demonstrating the impact of any FX fluctuations. 


Using an intuitive client interface, graphics demonstrate the performance of a portfolio in any given period, including capital movements such as money coming in and money coming out. This data can be overlaid against a given benchmark such as the FTSE to show true comparative performance.

“Set behind an intuitive, interactive user experience the real magic of Insight lies in the core calculations that it provides.  Allowing advisers and wealth managers to sift through copious amounts of data, Insight will run calculations real time as it doesn’t have to store figures, it can therefore be used either interactively or to generate review reports in a batch or bulk.  As standalone investment performance reporting software, Insight can be bolted on to any platform integrating with the Advisers existing technology provider. Offering both Time Weighted and Money Weighted returns, as well as multi-currency reporting and attribution at individual asset level Insight is a game-changer for advisers looking to provide tailored, accurate and transparent performance reporting for their clients”

Ray Tubman, MD – FinoComp

Founded in 2015, and now owned by Bravura Solutions, FinoComp offer an innovative approach in developing Wealth Management software as highly cohesive and loosely coupled MicroServices that can work independently or be integrated with clients existing systems.  These microservices tackle regulation, reduce costs and improve the customer proposition.  All of these microservices solutions are designed, built and tested using cutting edge technology with scale at its core to ensure speed of delivery is combined with market leading quality.

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