In September 2014, two years after we hosted an executive round table on KiwiSaver, we revisited some of the original participants to hear their current thoughts on KiwiSaver’s progress and its place in the New Zealand savings landscape. Topics canvassed included: Do the default arrangements represent the best approach; has member education and communication improved; what role is mobile and online service delivery playing in better connecting with members; how do stakeholders view the continuation of the conservative portfolio structure; what are the key challenges facing providers; and, finally, how successful has KiwiSaver been in helping New Zealanders to plan and contribute to their retirement savings?


About the author

Darren Stevens

Director, Product Management & Strategy

Darren Stevens has over 30 years of experience in the financial services sector. Having held various senior management and executive positions, he has an extensive understanding of the wealth management, life insurance and funds administrations industries in Australia and the UK. As Director of Product Management and Strategy, Darren is responsible for developing, refining and executing Bravura’s corporate strategy for both its global Wealth Management and global Funds Administration segments and the global strategic direction and product management of Bravura’s Wealth Management product BIO suite and leading merger and acquisition activity.

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