Sydney 10 October 2013 – Bravura Solutions Limited (Bravura) is pleased to announce the launch of version 3 of its Sonata wealth management and life insurance software, delivering a range of enhanced features and functionality.

Jason Tong, Bravura’s Chief Operating Officer – APAC, said: “The traditional superannuation and retail investment industries are increasingly converging; Sonata version 3 focuses on supporting this. It provides customers with the flexibility to access retail functionality developed in partnership with our wrap clients globally.”

Sonata version 3 delivers a range of enhancements, such as end-to-end direct share administration, including a corporate actions engine which supports the full life cycle and event notification, corporate actions diary, online election capture, cost base calculations, automated processing utilising Sonata’s workflow module and confirmation advice. This provides administrators with the ability to retire time consuming and error-prone, paper based manual processing.

Other enhancements delivered in version 3 include support for ETFs, SMAs, IMAs, enhanced trading and settlement and life stages functionality.

“Sonata is well positioned to replace the complex and costly legacy systems of the past, enabling our clients to consolidate systems and nimbly respond to changing legislative and market needs”, Tong said.

Sonata can administer multiple business lines and functions – superannuation, unit registry, wrap and platforms, and stand-alone life insurance – all in one system, allowing a single customer view, ease of cross selling and streamlining of the administrative function.

Originally introduced in 2010, Sonata is enriched with 15 years of comprehensive product functionality inherited from Bravura’s heritage product Talisman, combined with the benefits of modern technology architecture. Sonata is the choice of clients across the superannuation and pensions, life insurance and investment industries globally.

The system supports multiple channels including advisor, direct to investor and employer, and multiple devices such as desktop, tablet and mobile.

Bravura’s Chief Operating Officer – APAC, Jason Tong was quoted in this press release. To ask Jason a question regarding the release or to discuss it in more detail, email [email protected].

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