Industry launches Women in SA Financial Services Network on International Women’s Day

Representatives from South Africa’s financial services industry establish the Women in SA Financial Services Network today, in occasion of International Women’s Day.

The Network aims to give women in South Africa, who work in financial services, a safe environment to communicate and connect with each other and share their experiences, skills and wisdom.

Carolyn Erasmus, SA Country Head, Bravura Solutions, believes the scale of diversity needs to shift, “International Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to remind the industry of the importance of gender equality and the role that diversity plays in achieving overall business success. The Women in SA Financial Services Network aims to foster inclusivity and diversity and pave a path to ‘break the bias’.”

Georgina Smith, Head of Distribution and Client Services of STANLIB and INN8 adds, “The network provides women an opportunity to meet up regularly whether it is in person or virtually. Here they can share and support each other’s successes and failures, but most importantly, they can inspire each other to thrive in their careers.”

The network will also seek to facilitate much needed mentorship to women who are looking to develop their leadership skills. “Men and women need to lift up women if we ever want to achieve a diverse and inclusive work environment,” says Tal Nieburg, Managing Director, Morningstar Research Pty Ltd, “at ‘Women in SA’ there is an ever-important role for our men to foster this Network and ultimately achieve greater diversity within our industry.”

Ben Hammond, Investments Director of Altus Consulting, comments, “We are excited to support the launch of the SA Women in Financial Services Network.  An inclusive, supportive, and welcoming culture is essential in creating an environment where people can enjoy what they do and thrive in both their careers and personal lives. Diversity, inclusivity, and wellbeing are at the core of this – and are paramount for us at Altus.”

The launch of the network is led by Bravura supported by representatives from various Financial Services organisations. It follows the successful format of the UK-based Women in Platforms Network, of which Bravura is also leading member.

Organisations leading the Women in SA Financial Services Network include:

  • Bravura
  • INN8
  • Altus Consulting
  • Morningstar Research

The first event takes place 24th May, 2022.

To register for your place and learn more about the SA Women in Financial Services Network, visit

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