In this webinar, Emma Napier, our Head of Proposition, moderates an insightful presentation about Bravura’s latest research, called “Platform evolution through the RDR and beyond: lessons from the UK experience”.

A series of compelling topics and thought-provoking questions are presented and answered in this webinar, including:

  • Explaining what platforms and the Retail Distribution Review are.
  • How have UK platforms evolved in the last 10 years since the RDR roll-out?
  • What should South African platforms do to adapt to these new rules?
  • How can South African platforms stay ahead of competition?
  • What are the opportunities for technological innovation?

The white paper, published on 2 March 2022, was produced in collaboration with Carolyn Erasmus, our South Africa Country Head, Kevin Hinton, Director at The Collaborative Exchange; and Heather Hopkins, Managing Director at Next Wealth. It shows how the regulations brought by the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) have changed the UK platform industry since 2012, whilst also explaining how these might affect the market in South Africa going forward.

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Kaniska Perti

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