I joined Bravura as part of the Rufus acquisition from the Bank of New York back in 2006 when iPhones were just a rumour, AI was something from Hollywood and Clouds were something you looked at in the sky.

Well things have moved on both in the world and for Bravura and 15 years later I still look forward to my working day because of the variation of work, innovative products and people I get to work with.

Variation of work / Innovative Products and People

Looking back, I have been lucky enough to fulfil a number of roles at Bravura which have enabled me to grow my experience, work with some of the most talented people in the industry, and work across the entire project implementation lifecycle of multiple products.

I joined Bravura as a quality engineer working on the Rufus and original Babel STP Messaging platform, certifying the products before being released to client user acceptance testing. Quite quickly my passion became automation and the efficiency / risk reduction and cost saving that can be introduced using technology. I then moved into the Design Team enabling me to put my ideas and stamp on the changes we were making to the Fund Administration product suite. There is nothing better than seeing an idea and design you’ve put together get developed into a working feature or product that is then delivered and used in production.

When we re-architected the Babel product, I led and got to influence the product design ensuring that the functional capabilities in the original product were replicated but also enhanced, and the technical scalability issues were addressed. The changes and decisions we made back then meant that the Babel product today processes over 1 million deals a month with values in excess of £400 billion. If you take an average of five minutes to key, rekey and authorise a deal manually this means we are saving our clients around 12,000 days a month that can be used on more productive and valuable work! We continue to invest in the product because you can understand from these volumes that the investors / distributors and asset managers must absolutely trust the administrator and the technology that underpins it; not only in standard processing but also when significant peaks hit that there is inbuilt robustness and resilience. 

From the Design Team I moved into Product Management with sole responsibility for Babel initially. This allowed me to shape the roadmap over the last five years and direct our moves to add new modules / capabilities and also technically to containerisation and cloud deployments. More recently I took on the product management of our new virtual assistant AI product, Stanza. This move into the world of machine learning and AI at Bravura enables us to work on the latest technology and drive innovation across the industry. Stanza is still in “school” at the moment but together with the development team, data scientists and machine learning engineers, I am looking forward to seeing it rolled out into production later this year. This, again, will help our clients save 1000s of days of effort which can be redirected to other more valuable tasks.

After 15 years in engineering working across the development lifecycle I have now decided it’s time for a new challenge and Bravura has given me just that opportunity. Just this month I have moved into Sales as part of a new team of Solution Architects. Our remit is to support Bravura’s technology sales process. I am enjoying working in the team under Christine Kiener’s leadership and have already had the opportunity to present to a number of prospective clients and partnerships, listen to their challenges, and allow us as a group to collaborate and identify the right solution.  

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