Following up on the statement from PASA and PLSA:

Tony Klim, CEO of Bravura Solutions says, “The introduction of Pensions Dashboards will offer significant benefits for individuals by finding and displaying their pensions and ultimately helping them prepare for their future. For Pensions Dashboards to be successfully used by individuals, both collaboration and world-class technology are absolutely essential.

Our extensive experience as one of Australia’s leading workplace technology providers, has taught us that using agreed standards to match people to their pensions (such as the “SuperMatch” service; whereby superannuation fund trustees have access to details of active super fund accounts) is key to ensuring security and accuracy. A common approach such as this, has also brought additional business efficiencies enabling successful identification of ‘orphan’ accounts as well as further improving data accuracy and member outcomes.

We are delighted to be working with both the PASA and PLSA on this important initiative, leveraging our international experience to support the industry-wide adoption of this data matching convention to enable improved customer outcomes.”

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